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Marco Annau,

born 1971 in Vienna, Austria into a merchants family i started with music in my teens . By writing jingles i took my first steps into the music industry. After a successful career in music design i decided to become a live musician.


As a writer my main interest became the compositional techniques of the classic masters like J.S. Bach, Skrijabin or Chick Corea. Because of wide esthetic range that is accessible now i tend to confront my compositions into unusual esthetic terrain. One platform became "world music". The beautiful colors and rhythms of traditional arabic music in relation with transformational song structures became a setting feature especially due to my collaboration with the Özlem Bulut Band.


Many of the great musical masters where incredible improvisers. So as a player, Jazz became a platform where i have been exploring the fusion between written and spontaneous musical expression. I am also teaching piano & composition.

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