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Marco Annau is a composer, pianist, keyboardist, lyricist, orchestrator and producer. Annau is best known for his innovative oriental compositions like Aşk Bitmez, Ninni and other classics of the current World Music genre.

Born 1971 in Vienna to a merchants family he became passionate about writing music in his teens and startet studying composition at the University of Music in Vienna. He received a Degree with distinction and High Honors from the Federal Ministry of Science and Arts in 2001. After a career in music design he focused on writing music for concert bands.



In 1998 he took part at a student exchange program with the University of Miami and studied jazz piano at Berklee College of Music, Boston in 2005. Turkish / Kurdish singer Özlem Bulut is one of the significant collaborations that took his work to a worldwide audience and into the European World Music Charts. The mixture of harmonic development, his melodic language and compositional craft invited profound instrumentalists like Romanian pianist Maria Radutu to commission contemporary music.
He has been working with great artists like Sakina Teyna, Mahan Mirarab, Anna Anderluh, Gery Seidl, Andrej Prozorov, Richie Winkler, Jörg Mikula, Michael Leibetseder, Sascha Perez, Gerrit Wunder, Markus Adamer, Martin Berauer, Stefan Sterzinger, Marko Ferlan, Franz Schaden, Edi Köhldorfer, Angela Reisinger. He performed at the Wiener Festwochen Eröffnung and with Andrea Bocelli. As jazz pianist and mastermind of his latest formation "Urban Native" he bundles an outstanding collective of improvisers and ideas.  
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