© Fernanda Nigro

UrBan-Native is the band collective around Viennese composer and pianist Marco Annau.                      

Bulgarian throat singing meets synthesizers, meet home organ- basses, meet minimalist pop

drumming and weighs in 13-eighth note. Originally,  Marco Annau started his musical career

with film and media music, anchoring his signature through World Music as composer and

musical border crosser. His works for the Özlem Bulut Band were among the top 20 of the

European World Music Charts. The Iranian guitar virtuoso Mahan Mirarab, top bassist

Martin Berauer and scene drummer Michael Leibetseder complete the dynamic world-jazz

quartet and expand the haunting pieces of Annau by profound improvisations. Guest vocals

are Özlem Bulut and Anna Anderluh.

"A contemporary tribute to the great jazz and pop albums of the 1970s, which showed
me the path into a career as a musician. The joy of experimentation, stylistic curiosity and

the gesture of musical embrace. " (M. Annau) Urban Native is not a time machine, but

a vehicle to find alternative exits that an album from 1973 would not have taken. Since all

six pieces oscillate between the two positions of the "urban instinct" and the "impulses of

progressive Jazz and Pop", Marco Annau speaks of a concept album. A travel diary from

jingle world over oriental music into jazz with stunning results!