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c Georg Cicek Graf

"Urban Native" explores the spatiality between condensed primordial culture and urban nativeism that stands against irrelevance with musical narrative forms. At the same time, these song forms are challenged by profound improvisers.
"Urban Native" is the jazz fusion band project of composer and keyboardist Marco Annau who already caused a sensation in the world music field with the Özlem Bulut Band.

Saxophonist Richie Winkler, guitarist Mahan Mirarab, bassist Marko Ferlan and drummer Michael Leibetseder form the core of the world jazz quintet. "A contemporary bow to the great jazz and pop albums of the 1970s, which showed me the option of a career as a musician, was the starting point for "Urban Native". Experimentation, stylistic curiosity and the gesture of musical embrace." (Marco Annau)

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